McKenzie Lumbar Back Support
Medical Rehab

The Original McKenzie® SlimLine Lumbar Roll

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Medium density and flatter design "for just that little bit extra"

The Original McKenzie® SlimLine Lumbar Roll is designed to be used with modern seating that has some lumbar support, but not quite enough to properly support your low back. 

It is also ideal for elderly or petite persons and those who have a limited range of motion in their low back and therefore cannot tolerate the larger size lumbar roll. 

Very comfortable back support "for just that little bit extra".

It has been designed to compliment existing lumbar support, such as that found in modern cars and some modern seating, The McKenzie SlimLine Lumbar Roll has the McKenzie adjustable strap and  a removable washable Polar Fleece cover, giving it a luxurious feel.

Measurements:350 (length) x 200 (height) x 55 (depth)

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