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ARGICALM - Reusable Hot / Cold Thermic Clay Pack

ARGICALM - Reusable Hot / Cold Thermic Clay Pack


·         Provides Hot / Cold Pain relief and relieves your pain with natural clay

·         Applying cold on injuries (sprains or strains/muscle Contusions) is recommended in the rice Protocol (rest, ice, compression, elevation)

·         Convenient, easy to use, reusable and malleable clay easily moulds to body’s anatomy

·         Washable protective sleeve with elastic strap to keep pack in place




•         Relieves pain and reduces muscle spasms

•         Relaxes muscles effectively and facilitates movement

•         Accelerates healing by stimulating blood flow to affected areas


RELIEVES: back pain, joints stiffness, muscles stiffness, contractures, cramps, neck pain, abdominal pain.




•         Decreases the temperature of the tissues which reduces pain and muscle spasms

•         Slows swelling and bleeding by reducing blood circulation

•         Slows the cells metabolism, which limits the risk of cells death after injury

•         Reduces inflammation, hematoma and oedema


RELIEVES: sprains, tendinitis, tooth ache, bruises, strains, migraines, eye pain, arthritis.


Size Recommended uses Dimension (mm)

S 1 KIDS Wrist Elbow Face 190 x 110

S 2 Ankle Elbow Knee 260 x 130

S 3 Knee Back Abdomen 300 x 200

S 4 Neck Shoulder Back 430 x 170

S 5 Back Abdomen Knee 350 x 250

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