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We are them sole suppliers in Australia for the Mobiderm Range of products.  Click here to be directed to our mobiderm website


Silima Breast Care

Breast Care

Introducing the Thuanse Orthocare Range of products.  

Junior Range

Wrist and Thumb Splints

Knee Braces

Back Braces

Hip Braces

Neck Braces

Thuasne Ortho Care

Thuasne Orthocare

Suitable for ICU, Theatre,  Accident  & Emergency, Operating Theatres 


Patient Safety Devices

Patient Safety Devices

A Knee Scooter is an alternative to crutches. Knee scooters are also much easier and more comfortable to use than crutches.

Knee Scooter

Practice Stock Management Mobiderm

We are the sole suppliers in Australia for the Silima Breast Care Range.  Click here to be directed to our Silima website  

Knee Scooters

Do you own and manage a private practice?

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Practice Stock Management

Thuasne Lombamum

Lombamum brochure

Lombamum Video